The Universal Antidote Course

A Chlorine Dioxide How To

Course Length: 2 hours 2 minutes.

Bonus: Thanks to an anonymous donor, the $450 fee for the course is waived indefinitely.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to make and use the universal antidote, chlorine dioxide. You might be asking why this course is free, and to that, I reply this information is too important to charge money for it, and this is also the desire of the anonymous donor that has fully funded the course. When nothing else could, chlorine dioxide has brought healing to hundreds of thousands of people without hope for relief from their illnesses.

It’s also free because I follow the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He has given me two callings in life. The first is to help people know God and the second is to help people get well. So this course will always be free and available to anyone who needs it.

Just as God has provided His free gift of forgiveness of sins and salvation through Jesus Christ, and all that is necessary to receive the free gift is to repent and believe, so also, all that is necessary to access healing with this most amazing substance is to complete this free course. It is up to you to choose to complete the course, and I have made my best attempt to ensure the process is easy and comprehensive.

I hope this course will bless all who utilize the information and resources.

Blessings In Jesus’s Name,

Curious Outlier

(length 4 minutes)

This is the introduction to The Universal Antidote Training Course. This eight-part video series will help you become an expert in the use and home production of The Universal Antidote (chlorine dioxide).

If you have not watched The Universal Antidote Documentary, please do that before getting started.

First, download the course training guidebook that accompanies this course. Then watch the 4-minute course introduction video below.

Press play to watch video.

(length 4 minutes)

In this lesson, you will learn about MMS1, also called CD. You will get a brief history and see a basic demonstration of how CD (MMS1) is made and consumed orally.

There are many ways to use CD (MMS1), and this is only one.

Written instructions for this method are in the guidebook you downloaded in the introduction to the course.

Press play to watch the video.

(length 11 minutes)

In this lesson, you will learn about CDS and its history, and you will see Andreas Kalcker perform a demonstration of making CDS using a method developed by Charlotte Lackney.

Written instructions for this method are in the guidebook you downloaded in the introduction to the course.

Press play to watch the video.

(length 7 minutes)

In this lesson, you will learn about the Starting Procedure for treating acute and chronic disease with MMS1, also called CD. This is important. Don’t skip it.

You will also find written instructions for the Starting Procedure in the lesson guidebook.

Press play to watch the video.

(length 17 minutes)

In this lesson, you will learn about Protocol 1000, 1000+, and the Daily Bottle Method. These are the core protocols from Jim Humble’s MMS Health Recovery Guide Book. Download the helpful spreadsheets that provide protocol information mentioned by Brian in the video.

Detailed MMS/CD protocols

Press play to watch the video.

(length 11 minutes)

In lesson 4, you will learn about CDS Protocols. These are the core protocols from Andreas Kalcker’s book “Forbidden Health.”

Helpful spreadsheets mentioned by Brian in the video:

Direct download:

Detailed CDS Protocols

Press play to watch the video.

(length 17 minutes)

In this lesson, you will learn how to make your own 22.4% Sodium Chlorite Solution. This solution is part A of the kit needed to produce MMS1 and CDS. Detailed instructions in the free PDF course guide will also help you learn how to make the solution. The instructions are found in the guide.

Press play to watch the video.

(length 34 minutes)

In lesson 6, you will learn how to make part B of the kit needed to produce CD (MMS1) and CDS. Part B is the acid activator solution used to produce CD and CDS. The demonstration is provided with three common acids that can be prepared safely. These acids are citric acid (CA), phosphoric acid (PA), and hydrochloric acid (HCL). Detailed instructions for HCL preparation are provided in the lesson guide on pp. 21-24. The phosphoric acid calculator can be downloaded here:

Phosphoric Acid Calculator:

Press play to watch the video.

(length 17 minutes)

Lesson 7 is a final wrap-up video for The Universal Antidote University “Getting Started Series.” It will cover a series of frequently asked questions. If you have been looking into chlorine dioxide for any amount of time, I guarantee you have asked yourself some of these questions.

CDS is only CLO2 gas in water. It’s completely purified and with nothing but water and chlorine dioxide remaining.

MMS1 (acidified sodium chlorite) has a lot of residual MMS (sodium chlorite) and some acid activator. When MMS (sodium chlorite) is activated for 30 seconds, only 10% of the maximum possible CLO2 gas is released. Stomach acid may further activate residual MMS.

Some people have digestive problems with the residual MMS and acid activator. This is the reason why CDS was developed. CDS allows for the complete removal of residual reaction by-products and producing a pure chlorine dioxide gas in solution.

Many people still find MMS1 convenient and do not have the digestive problem, but for those that have a problem with MMS1, CDS is a great alternative.

If you have never experimented with or used MMS1 or CDS and you would like to use it when you experience illness, it would be wise for you to start now and go through a general protocol like protocol 1000 (MMS1) or protocol C (CDS).

Doing this will allow you to get a feel for how your body responds to chlorine dioxide. It will cleanse your body of sub-chronic infections, toxins, pesticides, and all the other accumulated junk from years of living in a toxin-filled world.

Doing this preemptive experimentation and cleansing will also make your experience with MMS1 and CDS much better during episodes of acute illness. When you are truly sick, the last thing you want to do is go through a healing crisis as your body is trying to clean toxins and pesticides, and the focus should be on eliminating an infection.

Believe it or not the premade solutions are readily available from at least half a dozen websites and even

There are three specific websites that I will mention here and they have a long track record of delivering great water purification products. These companies should not provide you with any instructions for human use. They only sell this substance as a water purifier. To do otherwise would be to break the unjust and despicable laws created to keep this substance from being widely used.

The first website that I will show you is Water pure world has several water purification drops in various quantities that suit your needs., another great resource that provides great water purification products, can provide you with exactly what you need. Occasionally, you will notice that this website will be closed and temporarily unavailable. They do this from time to time to catch up on the volume of orders that they must deliver compared to the number of orders that they can take.

Finally, is another great resource that can provide you with whatever you need, all things MMS and CDS.

What you will want to buy is a kit that comes with both sodium chlorite solution and an acid activator. CDS, which can also be purchased, will come as a single bottle, typically 3000 ppm strength which will be further diluted as you use it.

The answer to this question will depend upon which country you live in. In this FAQ, I am going to provide you with resources that are available within the continental United States. References for other countries will be provided in the beginner series PDF guidebook. When sodium chlorite is in its dried form, it is an extremely flammable oxidizer. For this reason, special shipping practices must be used, and there is a significant shipping cost involved in this process. Don’t worry, it’s still worth the money, and it’s stored for up to 20 years, so buy as much as you want and just take care of it properly.

Companies that sell sodium chlorite also restrict any information about human use, and no information is provided regarding dilution or administration practices.

The easiest way to find a good source of sodium chlorite flakes is to search the keywords “sodium chlorite flakes” in the DuckDuckGo search engine. You’ll want to ensure that the sodium chlorite you purchase is at or around 80% pure. The other 20% is sodium chloride which is used to reduce the risk of spontaneous combustion during the manufacturing and drying process.

At the time of the production of this video, you could also find sellers on eBay and Amazon by searching the same keyword, “sodium chlorite flake(s).”

The only two books I recommend are the MMS Health Recovery Guide Book and Forbidden Health, which I mentioned earlier in this course. These two books contain all the protocols needed for using MMS1 and CDS.

Both books I just mentioned contain extensive lists of diseases that chlorine dioxide has been known to prevent and cure. You can also go to On this website, there is a search field at the top, and you can enter a disease you were wondering about, and it will retrieve any testimonials that have been mentioned.

There are several reasons why the majority of gut bacteria are unharmed by chlorine dioxide, which is a reactive oxygen species. First, much of the gut microbiome secrets small quantities of reactive oxygen species (ROS) such as hydrogen peroxide and superoxide. For this reason, gut bacteria can resist other reactive oxygen species in small quantities. Lactobacilli, for example, produce ROS, which gives them an advantage over pathogens because they can withstand higher exposures to ROS like hydrogen peroxide and superoxide produced by the body as part of the immune system to destroy pathogens. Let me use a simple illustration.

Think of ROS-secreting bacteria like electric eels. The electricity from one electric eel does not disturb another.

So it is with gut bacteria and reactive oxygen species. Gut bacteria that secrete ROS are not affected by ROS from other sources. That includes chlorine dioxide unless delivered at overwhelming industrial strength. In the same way, an electric eel could not withstand a lightning strike.

Currently, just how much chlorine dioxide is needed to kill gut bacteria is unknown. There must be some lethal dose point at which lactobacilli would not be able to resist the oxidative effects, but I have not found any literature that has established this threshold. I have seen plenty of positive testimonials of people with disorders like irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease. However, These people have received significant benefits from consuming chlorine dioxide by mouth with no apparent negative effects on the gut.

Chlorine dioxide will not harm metal implants such as dental posts, artificial knee replacements, or cardiovascular stents. Chlorine dioxide is regularly used to safely decontaminate medical instruments, sensitive microchips, plastics, and organic material without causing oxidative damage. The selective oxidative nature of chlorine dioxide allows it to kill pathogens and leave your metal implants alone.

If you have an empty stomach, water is absorbed in as little as 5 minutes. If you mix the chlorine dioxide in water and drink it on an empty stomach, it is absorbed and available to the body in as little as 5 minutes. If you have food in your stomach, water absorption may take as long as 2 hours. Therefore, it is logical that the more doses you take on an empty stomach, the better. That said, we all have to eat, and you just have to do the best you can. Most try and designate an 8-hour window of the day for doing their protocol. I’ll use myself as an example. On the days I work, I don’t eat much, so I would take my doses hourly from 6 am until 2 pm, eating very little. After this, from 2 pm until 10 pm, I eat whatever I want. On my days off, I like to have breakfast with my family at 7 or 8 am and dinner with my family at 7 pm. I would then dose my MMS1 or CDS from 10 am until 6 pm.

Chlorine Dioxide is an oxidizer and will be neutralized by antioxidants. Therefore major foods that you want to avoid when doing a chlorine dioxide protocol are foods and supplements that are particularly high in antioxidants. Realize that your body’s antioxidant system will also neutralize chlorine dioxide as it does any oxygen radical, and the chlorine dioxide provides its beneficial effects within the first hour that it is consumed before it is neutralized. This is the reason for regular hourly doses.

When taking MMS1 or CDS, avoid antioxidant supplements, alcohol, chocolate, coffee, decaffeinated coffee, caffeinated drinks, tea, milk, coconut water, orange juice, tangerine juice, and anything with added Vitamin C since most of these things contain high levels of antioxidants.

This is not to say that you cannot have any of these foods if you are taking chlorine dioxide, but when on an MMS or CDS protocol, it is better to wait until you finish your MMS doses for the day before consuming the above items. Just make sure to space them out at least two hours after your last daily dose or two hours before starting your daily doses.

When starting with MMS and CDS, you may experience a Herxheimer or Herx Reaction. A Herxheimer reaction is a short-term detoxification reaction in the body lasting from days to a few weeks.

As the body detoxifies, it is not uncommon to experience flu-like symptoms, including headache, joint and muscle pain, body aches, sore throat, cough, general malaise, sweating, chills, nausea, or other symptoms.

During this die-off reaction, there can be a release of toxins, proteins, and oxidizing agents that result in these symptoms, and there can be a worsening of many symptoms people are experiencing, including fatigue, brain fog, muscle and nerve pain, chills, sweats, memory, and thinking effects.

Make sure you stick to the Three Golden Rules. The goal is to get well without feeling bad.

If you are suffering from a viral or bacterial infection such as influenza, cold, or pneumonia and are using the right protocol, you should expect to start feeling better within 36 hours, and the appropriate protocol is continued for 48 hours after all symptoms are gone.

If you are suffering from a chronic illness like Lyme disease, cancer, HIV, or hepatitis, you should expect a longer duration of use. Expect to start seeing results within one month and full recovery within six months, and in cases of cancer, up to one year.

If you need to ask more questions, you will find several groups and channels where you can ask questions.

First, you can go to the TUA Telegram chat, where there are lots of people that are ready to help answer questions.

For a full list of all of the social networks, websites, and groups where you can ask questions look in the PDF Guidebook for this course under the section titled “Social Network Platforms and Links.”

Press play to watch the video.

If you have questions or need help, please join the private Telegram chat group. Thousands of people are in the group, and many are ready and willing to answer your questions. Please go through the course at least once before asking questions. This will help mitigate the questions that are covered in the course.

103 replies on “The Universal Antidote Course”

God is so good to give gifts to his creation sometimes in the form of men and women that have such compassion on people for god so loved he gave all i was looking for was water purification for backpacking and now there is so much more!!!!!!! Thank you!

Thank you, everyone involved!
Your course is so well designed and executed—and given without charge. What a great, wonderful gift for Humanity.
For several years I have been helping persons around the world to obtain and properly use CD. I believe 24 friends in very challenging areas of Africa, have been kept alive and well through use of CD; and I use it regularly myself.
So I recommend CD for all with the proviso that you must learn how to properly use it–and this is what your wonderful course here enables. I send everyone here to learn for themselves.
As a Voluntaryist who considers all governments as unnecessary evils, I am well aware of how governments around the world have criminally attacked CD and persons trying to make it properly available as the “Universal Antidote” that it actually is.
So persons like Brian and Andreas are to be commended for their courage in standing up for the Universal Antidote.
“We heal ourselves by giving others what we most need.” Sherry Turkle
Get free and stay safe.

Hi Jack!
I’ve been using CDS here in Chile for a couple of years now and it’s becoming very popular! I’ve been treated by a holistic dentist here who is aware of this. I’m looking forward to the course here.
Please contact me via email, I’m sure we have some catching up to do.
Thx, James

Thank you for offering this course. There is so much good information here and it is explained so well.

Where can I find out the protocol for osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia? Also, I would love to learn how to treat COPD.
God Bless and thank you 😊

The general protocols cover just about everything. If help is needed join the private telegram chat group.
Blessings in Jesus Name,

To the person who created and pays monthly for this site to stay up and operational + along with pry w/e maintenance which come along with any website like this obviously

POSSIBLY 100s OF 1,000s OF $$ !!!
>>>> Thank you so, soooo much from the bottom of every single individual’s hearts for donating what you did! <<<<
– I pray to our Father in Heaven whom created all things along with creating all of mankind, both great and small poor and rich He created them all in His image!
He blesses those (like yourself) whom, from their abundance who have much, & from their abundance, self-LESS-ly bless others & those who are in need, THOSE WHO MOST CERTAINLY, NEVER WOULD HAVE PAID $450, LET ALONE $100 ….NOR WOULD THEY PRY HAVE EVEN PAID $50 …and probably many, like myself would have never paid probably a single dollar in the world we live in today. 💯
….From the very bottom of everyone's hearts whose lives have FOREVER been changed because of your large donation of [only God knows how much] money that you sooo kindly donated to this website's creator/facilitator/person who maintains & whomever has done ALLLL the videos uploaded onto this wonderfully created and made website!!!!!!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
❤️‍🩹💖 ❤️‍🩹💖 ❤️‍🩹💖 ❤️‍🩹💖

Hi, how i can get the course in Spanish please! Im so interested in learning this method, thanks.

Thank You for these very informative and easy to follow videos. I now feel fully confident in buying my own products to mix at home. My easy to understand due to simple explanations and demonstrations even my Granny could do this. Found it very beneficial as I learnt a great deal about MMS & MMS1 and also where to buy the products for both making my own or ready made.

Excellent course. I now feel confident in not only using the MMS/CD treatment but also in mixing and acquiring the necessary solutions for this purpose. The instructions, testimonials and materials helped me to understand the effectiveness of this treatment. Thank you.

I made Some in jar with shot glass but no idea how strong it is? What are the test strips we need to test concentration?

This is covered in Lesson Video #2. The best concentration for test strips is the ones that est for 50-500 ppm. There is a method shown for diluting the solution you have made in order to tell if you have reached 3000 ppm for the concentrated stock solution. Blessings in Jesus name, Curious Outlier.

Many thanks for running this course. I have referred lots of people who are searching for health solutions to Universal Antidote. Would like to become confident in correct protocols to help friend who has trouble discerning for herself.

Hi thank you so much for putting together the TUA course. I really appreciate your great effort and generosity in making all the info available to us for free.

I just started MMS1 and noticed that my activated drops are more like dark yellow instead of light or dark brown. Are my solutions old/too diluted? Should I continue using them?

That color is just fine. Amber or dark yellow is just right. Blessings in Jesus name, Curious Outlier.

Buen día muy amable por si información
Quisiera saber cuáles son las tres reglas de oro para que los efectos curativos no sean tan agresivos gracias al que me pueda colaborar

The 3 golden rules of chlorine dioxide are covered in the training course. Lesson #3a and 3b cover this.

Were can i buy this in uk all pre made can someone help me out please im in need of this i just havent got the brain to make this myself

You can find suppliers listed in the Ultimate Guidebook that you can download from the introductory lesson in the course above.

Blessings in Jesus Name,
Curious Outlier

Hi, I am also in the UK, I have watched the videos of the course but not all of it makes sense to a non medical person like myself, I am wondering how close the water purification tablets we can buy are to MMS? Are they similar or a completely different thing?

Thank you for this course and videos, it has truly opened my eyes to the world of CD and MMS.

The tablets are not typically made the same and have other ingredients in them other than the sodium chlorite and the acid activator.

Thank you for your reply, thats made a lot of sense.
I have loved making my way through this course, the information is incredible, thank you.

i actually watched all the universal videos and read both jim humbles book and andreas kalckers books before finding this telegram channel which was referred to me by a frontline drs assistant! here in central texas. she referred to me bc i told her up front “im a believer in mms!!” and she said “so are we, look up universal video on telegram”

Gracias llevo 10 años que sane mi útero y sigo ayudando a muchas personas a sanarse…y ha cambiado los protocolos y mejorada la versión de CDS.
Infinitas gracias.
(Translation: “Thanks for 10 years I have healed my uterus and I continue to help many people heal themselves…and the protocols changed and the CDS version improved.
Infinite thank you.”)

I was treating my skin infection with conventional OTC athlete’s foot spray for 35 years but it always came back. I bought 4 oz. of NaCLO2 & HCL to make MMS1 spray and used it daily. My infection was completely gone after 2 weeks and my skin feels brand new!

What an inspiration you all are! To think this is could be the achilles heel of big pharma! Can’t wait to go-low and go-slow. There are hundreds of people who need to know about this, now and in the future. Many thanks to your generous donor. 💜

Hi Curioushuman.. i am in Canada and I purchased the flakes from a few months ago without any problem.. it’s a bit pricy but worth it .


I would like to take this course. It’s getting to a point where doctors are missing diagnosing people. Or using you as ginnypigs. My husband is on dialysis and I had kemo treatment over a year ago. So I’m not trusting doctors too much.

Wonderfull!Finally able to learn from a to z .And relaxed with the source..Thank you invisible Sponsor 🙏

Big heaps of gratefulness to our GOD for this provision. Praise God for using people as His instrument thru this universal antidote. Learning step by step on this. God is good indeed!

I went through protocol 2000 and my S1 prostate cancer improved. I am on a quest to see if this can help a family member w/T1 diabetes. Wish me luck.

Thanks for this powerful free course. My husband has stage 4 liver cancer post liver transplant. I’m not sure how to proceed with this information. Hope it’s not too late.

It’s never too late. God is in control. You can join the telegram private chat group if you have questions, encouragement, or help. Here is the link to join the private chat group. Private Chat

Many blessings on your head, anonymous donor! Especially now, this information is critically needed and would otherwise not be available, so THANK YOU!

I was coughing up green phlegm and took 3 gtts of each within 24 hours I was better me and my husband were already detoxing before I took this we took ivermectin horse paste apple flavor for the past year we take a pea size the 1st and 15th of every month it kills parasites and cures cancer go to nih national institute of health and put in ivermectin cures cancer

The most suppressed and top most effective natural healing protocols on the face of this planet.
It is truly amazing stuff!

I would agree with you 100%. I urge others to seriously save this information and share with others, now.

I have been noticing that I sometimes have difficulty in getting access to this site through the Google browser. I know if I access it via my phone Google deindexes it, and I can’t find it in the phones history. Also noticed my own country is limiting greatly what the people of the UK can get access to.
Whoever has found this site has been truly blessed.

I was very skeptical about this to start with, but I knew from the chemical formula that it wouldn’t hurt me with proper use so I figured “what the hell”. Well, I purchase asperin powders in the family pack weekly for daily headaches. After the first dose (only 2 drops activated to 20oz water), I haven’t had a headache since. I’ve just started and currently have 8 drops activated in the same amount of water which lasts me until about 8am. Is this something that can treat lung issues (i.e. COPD) through oral use or would I use a nebulizer (oh yeah, and can you use it with a nebulizer?)?

Thank you for this free lesson now ready to start. I nebulize with H2O2 3% have no colds/no covid of any type/no sinus problems/no sinus headaches/etc.. I can tell you are like me born again. Have a great day, hoss.

This was incredibly helpful!! I hope everyone takes the time to watch it. Thank you so much for taking the time to put together such a good presentation. I’m sure you have saved and are saving so many peoples lives!!!!

I am so glad that I have found this website, you don’t know how much this is change my life. I am now able to deal with health issues with much more better results. Universal antidote is a massive ripple effect I’m not just me but everyone everywhere in the world is able to reach this site and change dramatically health issues. I am extremely grateful and wish everyone here a healthy and happy 2023

Great course. We are always looking for ways to stay away from big pharma. Thank you for providing us with a to better health.

Thank you so much. Your love of God is evident. Blessings to you & your work. I am becoming an expert thanks to you

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2011. While searching for alternative solutions, I found a Yahoo group where people were talking about MMS.

While doing “due diligence”I got turned away by all the smear campaigns talking about “bleach”.

After watching TUA and following this course, I have been using MMS/CDS ever since, and almost ALL of the MS symptoms have abated. My last MRI late last year now show that my lesions are shrinking/disappearing.

Thank you for your comment, Kevin. I only recently learned of MMS/CDS and am still skeptical myself; not from what people say yet from the fact that I have been down rabbit holes for two years plus now. So much happening in our land and I know God is in Control, yet I have learned to question everything.

I am hesitant as we have all been lied too for so long; it’s almost like, whom do we believe? For now I watch the videos, read the testimonies yet they are words on a page. So I thank you for posting about how hesitant you have had been. I am guessing you wish you had now done this sooner.

I have several issues going on, been on meds for years and I ask, if I start this; am I to wein myself off meds first? Just keep me in your prayers that God sends the answer. Thanks again as your comment has made a difference in my own life.

Kevin, I would love to hear more about your recovery. I, too, have MS and am just learning about this protocol. I was diagnosed 21 years ago, so I am ready to feel better! I know it is probably a bit different for everyone, but could you say about how long it was before you began to see results?

The course is great. I wish there are ways to keep the video for reference. I am in Malaysia, and therefore I have not been able to join any of the live sessions so far. It is usually held at 2am my time.

outstanding program presented in an easy to understand format with lots of references. Anyone interested in this subject will be well informed on what MMS/CDS is, how to prepare it, and how to safely use it. I highly recommend this course to all parties. It’s a course that will save many lives that Standard American Diet (SAD) and the pharmaceutical industry has attempted to destroy for decades.

This is an excellent course! So much to learn still but it has helped us and our dogs with quite a few medical issues. I wish I had known all of this so much sooner. I could have saved our beloved dogs who suffered from cancer. Thank you for all of this information and for helping humanity!! ❤️

The UA course was very helpful to me. I was nervous that I was going to mess something up and end up hurting my body, but the course made me realize just how simple it is. I am now going through the preparation protocol before starting protocol 1000. Thank you for this. 💗

I highly recommend the universal antidote it has helped me greatly with my issues over the past months I am in utter shock that this has helped me with my heart problems and other issues and hope it helps many for time to come.

I came across CDS about 2 months ago and did some research. Started protocol C and I honestly feel like everytime I take a breath, a lot more oxygen flows in my lungs.

This is such needed training to help people navigate thru the endless possibilities available with MMS/CDS. I have guided may people to start their journey with this course.

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